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Netent Just Launched Golden Marbles Mobile Slot

xnec-marbles-scratchGolden Marbles is a brand new video slot machine launched by Netent. The game features multiple marbles all over the place and completely justifies the title. It is very much inspired from the classic game of marbles and features versatile range of marbles all around in various colours. The main aim of the game for players is to grab maximum combinations with the same colours on the same line. However, the golden ones are considered as the most precious ones, hence players need to focus on them a lot.

Before designing this action-packed video slot machine, the company made the Marbles scratch card. However, this video slot game offers lucrative payouts to players, compared to the scratch card version. Here, players have an edge to win amazing payouts by collecting various symbols that will pop up all over the place. Therefore, the game comes up with maximum returns and players have really bright chances of winning hefty payouts while playing this game.

About the Game

It is a very straight forward game and features versatile pay lines on its five reels. Players just need to focus on changing the value of every line in the game. Players have to play all the lines as there are always bright chances of getting better payouts against wagering amount on a single line. Golden Marbles offers plethora of marbles all over the place in different colors. The main task of every player is to grab 3 of the same or maximum on a line from left to right in order to win huge winning amount.

The best way to grab huge payout is to target the golden marble symbols. However, they don’t appear in the game much often, compared to other symbols.

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Special Symbols & Features

The Golden Marbles video slot machine comes up with wild and scatter symbols respectively. Both of them pop up on the mid reels just like any other video slot machines. The scatter symbols are capable enough to give players big multipliers and some extra free spins. However, the total winning payouts that are being given to players have got some amazing values and give players more chances of winning hefty totals.

How it Compares

The Golden Marbles slot machine is highly inspired by company’s equally entertaining scratch card, Marbles. However, this video slot offers better and brighter payouts to players. The game comes up with decent features and symbols that add a lot of value, excitement and entertainment to the game. The feature which makes it better than other video slot machines is assortment of bonuses such as free spins and wild symbols.

Where to Play

To play Golden Marbles video slot machine, players should visit Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise online casinos that are known for impressive line up of online games and bonus offers for newbies. The casino offers a welcome bonus of $200 to all new players along with 10 free spins that are applicable on all other online slot games offered by the casino. Terms and conditions apply to bonuses, 18+.