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Tarzan Mobile Slot Review

tarzan-slot-logoTarzan’s story was written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the novel proved to be immensely popular. It was even followed by about two dozen different novels which were based on the same character, and that doesn’t include all the other authors that took on this story because they loved it.

The media did the same, and they’ve released comic books, movies and TV series based on this very popular character. The game delivers the story that you expect through its graphics, and all the action takes place deep inside the jungle.

Symbols belonging to this game give us the two main characters, Tarzan and Jane, plus a third one as Janes’s father. Next, there are three wild creatures, showing a leopard, a small monkey and a bird.

The four fruits which pay the least are not related to the jungle unfortunately, and they have the image of apples, plums, watermelon and an orange.


There is incredible variety in the slot machines that Microgaming usually proposes. Some titles, even recent ones, can be very boring. Others are very interesting, and besides Tarzan I would also mention another branded game of theirs, Jurassic Park.

If they put their mind to it, they can create superb graphics, features that are a lot of fun, and they will also have huge payouts. You don’t always get all three from their games though.

How To Play It

To pick the value of the bet, you just click on the title of the Bet section. This is the way you can change the number of lines (up to 40), the coins per line and the coin value. You need at least $0.40 to spin the reels with all lines active, but the wager can go a lot higher than that.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s one of the better looking slot machines designed by Microgaming in 2016, and so I think that you will enjoy it. The reels are tall, four symbols present on each one, so the odds of getting a combo aren’t as high as they might be if the slot had only 3 symbols per reel and the same 40 lines.

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Special Features

Three of the regular symbols, the ones with characters in them, are going to be used stacked in the game. They occupy only two positions out of the four available on a reel though.

One of the simpler features available to you in Tarzan is the one represented through the logo of the game. The wild symbol, which is what we get here, will be used as a substitute for another symbol, if needed.

To do the job required of it, the wild first needs to be in the right position and the combo’s other symbols need to be present as well.

With the Bonus Scatter in 3+ spots on the reels, visible but not necessarily together, you gain access to the bonus feature. Inside, there is a wheel which spins, and it stops on a prize for you. It can be a cash prize, even one that goes up to 200x the total bet, or it can be a bonus game, or free spins.

The bonus game is quite simple, asking you to make picks from among 12 hippos that are sitting in a pond. Each choice brings you a prize.

The free spins, if triggered, will have some very interesting extra features. One of them is called Growing Wilds, while the other one has Rolling Reels.

Maximum Payouts

The biggest payout of the game seems to come from the bonus game, and it returns to you 200 times the wager of that spin.


Tarzan has some very cool features inside, graphics which are better than average, as well as some decent payouts in certain circumstances.

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T&Cs Apply 18+