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King Kong Cash Mobile Slot Review

king-kong-cash-html-2x2-90a0a6c1The king of the jungle might be the lion in the stories you hear, but in this game it’s a gorilla that gets the job.

This gorilla, King Kong, will be visible both on the reels and behind them, looking goofy in the former case and sleeping in the latter.

It’s a pretty fun experience that Blueprint Gaming is creating for us here. Different animals and birds from the jungle are represented on the reels, you see the trees in the background, and you can get access to profitable features as you play.

For the symbols, the game has a Barrel which is a wild, the Gorilla which is a scatter, the logo of the slot, the tiger, the alligator, a rhino and a pirate parrot. Finally, you have poker icons, four of them total.


Blueprint Gaming might be a developer that you heard of, or you might not, but it’s one of the older companies to have activated in this market. They started out in UK, and were bought by a German company in 2008. They still put out new slot machines, and quite a few are interesting, even including branded titles in their collection.

Slot machines based on the Worms PC game and on the Casper character are a couple of such examples. Some games are more interesting than others in terms of graphics, but King Kong Cash is definitely one of the good ones.

How To Play It

The left side of the screen has an option marked Bet, with an amount shown which is used for all the lines. For the 20 lines available, that option will let you change the bet from the minimum of $0.20 up to a maximum of $500. For that betting range, the lines would get from $0.01 to $25.

You will find a design that was created with modern players in mind, easy to use both on a desktop PC and on a mobile phone. Only four buttons are used, two on the left side and two on the right.


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Special Features

The base game’s best prizes will reach 500 coins, and one of the two symbols capable of giving you that much will be the wild. With a barrel image chosen for it, the symbol is going to be a perfect substitute for a regular icon that needs it to form a combination. Of course, the symbol still has to be in the correct position.

With the symbol that has King Kong on it, the game is capable of delivering a feature where up to five bonus games are yours to trigger. You have a ladder, on which you need to move up, in order to get as good a feature as possible. The best one is called Big Monkey Bonus, and it can pay up to 1,000x the wager.

There are also five Monkey Modifiers in the game, which trigger at random. The sleepy Kong is the one that awards them, when he wakes up. You might get a King Kong Streak, Banana Cannon Wilds, the Kong Respin, the Bonus Boost or the Golden Barrel Super Spin.

Maximum Payouts

The regular payouts don’t look that great, paying at most $12,500, or 500 coins. The bonus game Big Monkey Bonus is the one that’s impressive though, capable of paying back up to 1,000x the wager, which would mean up to $500,000 in this game.


King Kong Cash can make you rich with its features, looks very good and has a lot of ways of keeping you entertained. It’s a game that I would recommend.

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